The Company

Montanini Conserve Alimentari s.a.s is a family business started in 1974 by Leopoldo Montanini, from Parma in Emilia. It specializes in food processing and preservation, and has been on national and international markets for over thirty years, contributing to the diffusion of Italian food culture.
Production covers a wide gamut of quality recipes ranging from regional specialties to tempting appetizers, from canning industry classics to new flavours, with the objective to satisfy an ever more knowledgeable, alert and demanding customer.

Craftsmanship and advanced technology are the combination on which the company grounds its philosophy, jealously preserving its roots and simultaneously  being abreast of the times.

The Montanini production plant is located in Piobesi Torinese,  a small town in the Po valley, halfway between the Mediterranean cultivations from which it obtains fresh products, and the European markets to which most of its production is destined.

Due to the implementation of advanced technologies, the company has attained a great productive capacity which allows it to produce competitively even on demand for private labels.


Azienda Montanini


From all times, at the base of the Company’s philosophy and also its main mean of promotion is the high qualitative level of its products.

  • Utmost care in selection of raw materials
  • All-pervading checking of the production process (HACCP- X-Ray)
  • Own laboratory for chemical and physical analysis
  • Research and development
  • International Certifications:
    • BRC (Version 6. Grade A)
    • IFS (Issue 6. High level)



Fair and Events

  CIBUS 2014
Parma, Italy
May 5-8
Hall 6 – Booth B034
  CIBUS 2014
Bangkok, Thailand
May 21-25
Hall 1 – Booth HH30