Thanks to the special and secret Montanini’s process, one of the most classic elements of Mediterranean cuisine goes from a simple ingredient to a protagonist.

The flavors of nature at the base of our appetizing preparations, to be enjoyed as an aperitif, appetizer, side dish, or as ingredients for creative recipes. 

We always use only the best Italian artichokes from Puglia, processed in season as soon as they are harvested to maintain their natural flavour.

We don’t accept compromises on quality: this is why our Borettane onions are always processed fresh during the harvesting season and we never use salted onions.

A practical helper for quickly preparing traditional and creative dishes with a wide choice of ingredients and flavours.

Sauces with a strong perfume and intense flavor to be used hot or cold. As per tradition, a little sauce is enough to enrich the taste of raw or boiled foods.

Our selection of olives, main ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine, can’t miss in every aperitif and are essential for preparing traditional Italian recipes.

One of Montanini’s historic processes and the one that made us known as a quality company, so that’s why it became the protagonist of our logo. All our experience in a top line!

Only thanks to fresh kmO basil, the best Italian cheeses, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh rocket we can guarantee the best quality and preserve the perfume of our land unaltered.

The best of traditional Italian recipes to season our national dish: pasta! Only with 100% Italian tomato pulp.

With experience, imagination and passion for good food, we have created unique, good and healthy recipes with respect for nature.